Say Yes To Financial Wellness!

Financial stress affects more than 50% of corporate employees in India*, affecting their daily productivity.

Small Leaks Can Sink A Great Ship

Ben Franklin was right. Almost 57% of millennials and 59% of Gen X employees** globally struggle with financial stress everyday. Here’s what is affecting them.
Lack of financial awareness
From investment options to planning, employees are clueless on the basic knowhow.
Lack of emergency savings
Almost 70% of millennials are unprepared to deal with major unforeseen expenses.
Increasing monthly expenses
Employees routinely report a lack of control over weekly and monthly expenses.

* based on an OptaCredit 2017 Employee Wellness survey

** based on a 2017 pwc Employee Wellness Survey

Empower Your Workforce, Every Single Day

Use our in-house financial resources and products for immediate financial assistance. Spread awareness, educate your workforce and secure their future through carefully tailored plans. How it works is simple.
Integrated Expert Insights
Our expert consultants offer unsecured loans, financial tips and hacks online and through on-site corporate workshops, educating your staff on financial freedom.
Increased Financial Awareness
Clean up your credit score, understand taxes better and use our Employee Savings Calculator from our central wellness platform to increase your financial awareness.
Carefully Curated Content
Get interesting and carefully curated blog content and videos on financial wellness, policies, and investment tips to keep your employees engaged and informed.

Here’s what you get in return.

Higher Motivation And Retention
Improved employee morale and increased engagement and loyalty help combat long term attrition.
Zero Risk Or Liability
OptaCredit will be your reliable credit and wellness partner, with zero investment or liability.
Plug-and-Play Welfare Initiative
Better financial wellness translates to increased productivity and morale through our plug-and-play welfare initiative.
No Documentation or Recovery
We cut the paperwork to keep things simple. Unsecured loans purely based on creditworthiness. No bias.

Loyalty blooms when you lend a hand.

Opt for a stress-free work environment. Connect with us to integrate OptaCredit as part of your employee benefit plans. Our team will run you through our spectrum of tools and services.

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