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Make available custom credit solutions to your employees by partnering with OptaCredit.

OptaCredit Lending Platform

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Tailored Financial Solutions

OptaCredit Lending Platform

Intelligent Lending Platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics to make quick and cost-effective credit available.

How it Works

Simple Setup

1. MoU/Sign Agreement

Sign Memorandum of Understanding with OptaCredit

How much could your employee save?

Effective Savings

Accrued savings of more than Rs 10,000

Salaried employees who have availed OptaCredit have saved around Rs.10,000 - 15,000 over the period of a year, the equivalent of around 5-7% pay rise. Our average customer has consolidated more than Rs. 1,00,000 of outstanding informal credit, in addition to getting immediate access to formal credit. They were previously paying 36% - 500% APR and made a saving by moving to a lower interest rate, typically 1.34 - 2.34 % per month.


For Employer

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Motivate & retain talent
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Optimise working capital
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No loan documentation, collection or recovery hassles
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An employee welfare initiative @ zero cost

For Employees

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Increases employee morale
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Increases productivity
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Bridges trust deficit
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Better financial health


A proprietary credit- scoring mechanism to grade borrowers’ risks and to cater to unique needs of small businesses and individuals.


Why Partner with us?

Credit-as-a-Service to your Employees

Credit-on-demand made available to eligible employees from your company.

Dedicated Account Support

Dedicated Account Manager for all OptaCredit-related products and activities.

Quick and Easy Process

Sign-up, On-Board and begin referring your employees

Common Questions

The employer faces neither risk nor liability for the repayment of the loan. All we require from the employer is that they provide data about the employees applying for an OptaCredit loan, for us to validate the applicant and underwrite the loan
Our product is designed to ensure employee and employer well being. In the event of an employee leaving the organization during the repayment tenure, the loan repayment is structured in a way to directly debit the bank account of the applicant till the loan is completely repaid.
Our ability to process and analyse data is enhanced by machine-learning algorithms. That’s what makes our predictive analysis and underwriting process so robust. All data is relevant to credit, and we use that to analyse and price your application. Data is our Security.
Signing up with us is an incredibly easy process. If you would like a visit from one of our associates, kindly fill out the form(hyperlink) and we will be in touch with you to take you through the process. We have an MoU to define the terms of the partnership. Just sign it and voila! You’ll open up the world of “Credit Anytime-Anywhere” for all your employees.
Absolutely. The MoU does not restrict employees from getting the best offer. Should they find an offer that they feel is better, they are free to accept it.
All permanent employees who have finished six months of service with your organization are eligible for loans. Currently, we do not lend to temporary or contractual employees.

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