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A.I - Powered, Data-Driven Online Lender providing credit to millions across India.

Every eligible applicant has the right to get access to timely credit. Our belief is based on truly understanding the applicant by assimilating data from various sources. We do not believe in slotting people into meaningless categories. We believe that an applicant is more than just ratios and numbers.

We are revolutionising the way lending happens so that credit can reach every eligible applicant.

The Opta Process

Data Assimilation
Understanding and assimilating verified data collected from various sources to get a 360 degree view of the applicant.
Artificial Intelligence
Advanced machine learning algorithms crunch enormous amounts of data for intelligent decision making.
Relevant Underwriting
Intelligent and data-driven assessment to gain meaningful insights and detailed information about the applicant.

Why OptaCredit?

Online Application
Application Form in Minutes
Instantaneous Decision-making/*Same-day Sanction
Real-Time Application Tracking
Truly Unsecured Lending
Direct Disbursement
Transparent Pricing
New-to-Credit Applicants
Alternative Data based Risk Assessment
* Conditions Apply


Credit empowers. By blending the best technology and lending practices we aim to democratize the industry.

With the credit gap in the Indian economy reaching alarming levels, someone has to challenge the status-quo. We believe it is essential for the industry to move up the evolutionary ladder to stay meaningful.

At OptaCredit, we are ready to take up this challenge. We're re-imagining the entire process to ensure that lending continues to remain relevant in the lives of consumers.

Yours Sincerely,
Team OptaCredit

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